Repair & Remote Access

When it comes to computer repair, Blu Computers specilse in the repair and maintaince of Windows based machines.


We look after both Desktop & Laptops of all makes and models.


Is your computer not booting? Slow? Overheating? Not operating as it should?


Make contact with us today and we can help with many computer related issues.

Your computer can be excellent when working correctly.

Equally when something is not working as it should it can be the most frustrating part of your day.


Blu Computers will collect your machine if required or we can connect to your computer remotely and watch us investigate and repair your machine.


Whatever your needs Blu can help.


Contact us today to see how we can help.

If you need help now, Blu Computers offeres a secure remote access solution.


We can log into your PC or Laptop remotely, diagnose and potentially fix your issue.


Our remote access is available for 1 hour at £20.00

We'll log in, identify your issue and fix it if we can.


No need to wait for an appointment and our remote access is open 7 days a week up to 9.30pm!


Contact Blu Computers now for an access request.